Tuesday 13 July 2010

Business: Art or science?

Hi, I’m Mark (far right in the pic) and the other two are my business partner, Mike (left) and my trusty tech guru, Roger (middle).  We’re embarking on a new company venture.  We’re going to write some software, sell some software, make people happy, and then sell the company.  Sounds easy.  It sounds even easier when I tell you I’ve just finished seven years at Pure360.com; a company I helped to start, where we wrote some software, sold some software, made (some) people happy, and then sold the company (twice).

If the job of creating new companies is more a science than an art, then it would seem pretty safe to assume that, having done it once, I should find it easier to do it again.  Mind you, if it’s more an art than a science, maybe the mix of people, timing and choices were just right at Pure360.com and I have no way of using that to replicate it.

In this blog, I’ll be recording the events as the weeks unfold and explaining the choices we make.  I intend to make choices based on logic and experience and see where that takes us.  Along the way, I’ll be hoping to put the full force of my management philosophy into action, and you can read more about that specifically at www.manageasmile.com.

So, deep breath, and here goes. 


  1. Good Luck Mr Hla, I will be watching the journey closely and hope to utilise some of that logical brain power in my own new adventure.

  2. This is my next adventure too, so I'll watch and learn. Good luck.

  3. Hi McpandaBurger,

    Thanks for your comment. It can be a lonely place starting a company so we'd love to hear what you're up to and how you're getting along.

    Good luck,


  4. AT wishes you a ton of luck and will be reading your blog avidly as i find myself in StartUp mode. The most noble mode of all!

    Lots of cold calling right now which equals lots of investigation of the market, which is pretty essential to get the lay of the land imho. My next task is to execute an acquisition email campaign. The most ignoble marketing exercise off all according to some - I disagree. Feel free to call me for experience share anytime dude.

    Like the photo, it makes you look all mysterious, like one of the guys in REM or something.

    Shame we missed each other for the world cup beers sesh but looking forward to an invite for me and Stuart when you have your first big swanky party to celebrate an important milestone.

    May the Force be with you chaps.

  5. Hi AT,

    Great to hear from you and I am looking forward to chatting with you and the Hobbs soon. Things are now calming down to just the crazy writing of software (I can handle that) so let me know when you guys are next in town. This time, don't pick the king and queen!