Thursday 9 September 2010

Week 6: Our first sprint deadline

This week has flown by, possibly because I had Monday off work to see my South African aunt and uncle who were over on a fleeting visit.  My uncle is an entrepreneur and is currently running his second mining services company.  It feels good talking to him about, because it's ours, and we're making it happen.

Progress has been quick in terms of development this week.  We're at the point of needing the graphical design.  I should have taken my own advice and got it going last week because it has slowed us up slightly.  It's now in good hands with Aegir and we hope to get the designs by Monday. We're all looking forward to getting a pretty face to the application.  It makes it look real.

The rest of the application work is going well.  We have been wrangling with security certificates and mobile phones.  It's really important for us that as many people as possible can access our system securely on their mobiles, but it's trickier than you'd think.  In the end we've decided to get our certificate from Trustico, it's good value but also widely accepted on both phones and websites.

On the commercial side Mike's been generating some good interest.  So much so that we've brought our deadlines forward so we can service a possible client.  We now hope to have a working and tested application by 20th September.  I've declared a "sprint" so we're all focussed on that date and we're confident that we'll make it.

Finally, I should mention that we now have a white board. If one item declares to the world that "we're here to make decisions, and make them right" then it is a white board. Ours looks more like a bit of modern art suspended from chains.  I've possibly cheapened the effect by sticking a Virgin Media card on it, but I liked the sentiment.

Excitement levels: Where did that deadline come from?

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