Thursday 30 September 2010

Week 9: Smile please

What a week this has been, probably the first week that has felt properly (and I mean ouch) like we're going fast.  If you've ever snowboarded in a whiteout, then you'll know that feeling of just losing your balance slightly and realising you're going like a rocket but didn't know it.

So enough rockets and snow, what have we actually done?  Well to start with we had to give in to the gods of PR and get some photos done.  We called on the mighty Andy Parker to make it happen.  Since Mike is the glamorous one, he got to go first. I just hung around taking snaps and generally getting in Andy's way.   Of course, I knew that several years of watching America's Next Top Model (not my fault) gave me all the skills necessary to hit a great pose fast.  I'm sure Tyra Banks will be on the line as soon as the photos are live.

Next up was the first live data. It's hard to explain what it feels like launching your own software on real people for the first time.  Roger and I were a little nervous, but mostly I was stressed to make sure it went perfectly.  All the preparation paid off, we made no mistakes, and what's more, the system worked like a dream, and much more effectively than we could have hoped.   All the sending is done now, we're just compiling the reports and then we're on to stage two of our development.

Mike has been busy hanging around the IoD in London having one meeting after the next. It looks like we're gaining some traction with almost no marketing and no advertising.  Mike's optimistic of getting customers ready for the 1st November when we launch the full system, and that means revenue.

Finally, we've almost finished our website.  We couldn't get our normal designer to do the work because he was busy.  So with some fast track lessons on CSS, some serious copying of talent from our application design, and (of course) the ever present Andy Parker telling me what to do, we got a site put together.  It should be live tomorrow and we're all very happy with it.  I should say now, it's been built with a purpose, not a template, and for that we're all very proud of it.

Excitement levels:  We rock!

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