Thursday 7 October 2010

Week 10: Website, pricing and futures

Our new website with the alternative phone version
It's been an important week at the residence; we've put our marketing website live, worked out our pricing model and discussed our future.

At the end of last week we were putting the finishing touches to our website.  We've designed the site to achieve goals for two clearly defined user profiles.  I love that the site we've come out with doesn't look anything like the standard sites. I guess either they have different user profiles to us, or they just don't care about the user experience.  Can you explain why every single item on your website is on the page? We can, and that makes me smile.

The next big thing we tackled this week was pricing.  We'd kind of avoided it as long as possible, because it's scary.  In the end, we decided that no price list is ever going to be perfect, but we can at least make sure it's simple to understand.  I'd say we've achieved that with ours.  We had a weird, "what, so that's it?" moment when we came up with it, but it feels good to make it simple.

Another big development has been about our futures.  We've all kind of trundled along knowing that at some point we needed to formally agree what we each get from the company at the end.  It's really clear we should have had these conversations much earlier, and waiting was a bad move.  Thankfully we're now much clearer on everything and it's a big lesson learned for a new start-up - get it sorted early.

Finally, progress in both sales and development has been rocketing along this week.  We're deliberately keeping Mike honest; "If it ain't signed it don't count".  Rog and I are claiming we're one up because we delivered a working application. Mike prefers the analogy that it's 1-1 at half time, but Rog and I have had more of the ball. You can take an analogy too far!

Excitement levels:  What, another deadline smashed?

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