Thursday 14 October 2010

Week 11: Tonsillitis and trade shows resident baby gull 'screech' and mom.

Ok, well I guess I deserve the first calls of "sick note" for the company. With one tonsil the size of a small peach, I was confined to sick bay all of Monday. Still, with Roger never taking a sick day in his entire life, and Mike not showing any outward signs of human physiology, I suppose it was destined that I would be the first to show signs of weakness. Thankfully, I was rescued by penicillin and hot Ribena, and was back at the coal face the next day. Joy.

The day I returned, Mike was off at our first trade show. It was a specific event for technology in the debt recovery industry; pretty much the perfect event for us. So much so, we were discussing attending the event before was no more than a few scribbled notes and some garish PowerPoint slides. We couldn't have dreamt we would have already run our product with live data, already have sales collateral, a website, some prospective clients (real ones) and an office. I think this has been our first "look how far we've come" moment. I'm sure we'll have many more in the future.

As for the trade show itself, Mike pounded the floors and listened to our competitors' pitches like an undercover spook, and the feedback is, we have nothing to worry about. I can't wait until next year's event, we'll have some serious reality to show those guys and it'll look beautiful.

Inside the (slightly sick but not too bad) office, we've plugged in our payment provider, so our customers will be able to actually pay through the system. Still a lot of testing and design work to complete, but I'm already excited about converting the great engagement rates we achieved in our test run into cold hard cash.

Next week the whole payment process will have a lovely (Aegir designed) face and it'll be great.

Excitement levels:  That graphical calendar is going to look sweeeeet!

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  1. Next week will be the proof that User Experience Design truly does work.

    watch the coins roll in.