Friday, 29 October 2010

Week 13: Countdown to collection

Our beautiful offer calendar

Most of this week has been spent testing.  We've had some useful assistance from our payment processor, Datacash and especially Kieran (lady) who spotted a problem with our testing and helped us fix it without us even asking. Nice.

If we were having competitions with who draws the shortest straw, then I'd say Mike had it clearly in the early weeks with having stacks of forms to fill out.  This week though, it's firmly in Roger's hand.  He's working through a spreadsheet of 215 PCI DSS security compliance questions. We completely agree with the need for standards, but there is a sense that the "one size fits all" approach creates a few anomalies. Still, better safe than sorry.

We had yet another great session with Andy this week.  It feels great having time to spend looking at the completed application, loving the workflow and tweaking the design to improve the experience.  Now that's how software development should be. It shouldn't be a race to the finish where important principles are abandoned to meet an arbitrary deadline. Oh no. [Firmly dismounting now from my high horse].

So, we wait; ready to launch. What's more, this isn't just new for us and our client, this is new in the market, and what happens with us could change that market for everyone.

Excitement levels:  Wound like a spring. Expect sparks.

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