Friday 22 October 2010

Week 12: Our first customer

It's not hard to wake up with this view

In our twelfth week as a company we have our first customer. It's a great lift for us at Savvy towers, not least because it helps assure us we aren't just three deluded geeks sitting in a room. What's more, becoming a customer isn't a one off thing, it's an on-going relationship, and we can't wait to reward our first customer with the joys of using our application.

As far as the software itself goes, we've completed the first phase features and next week is for testing and for tweaking the user journey.  When we develop, we have to sometimes skip over little bumps so that we can keep momentum.  What we don't want to do is leave those bumps in there for our customers to trip up on. I think we might need the services of our trusty UX sandpaper (Andy).

We've been monitoring the tea rounds recently, and there has been a distinct shift from one morning and one afternoon round up to two rounds morning and afternoon.  This may seem like a little thing to you, but I felt it might be sensible to record it here in case it later turns out to be significant. You never know.

Keep it in your diaries: we go live proper, 1st November. It will be an exciting day.

Excitement levels:  It feels like the calm before the storm

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