Friday 12 November 2010

Week 15: Cranking up the calls

Listen to Gold Panda

So another week has passed and we're still waiting for the bank to sort out their stuff. I wonder how it's possible that such important parts of the economy can work so slowly. Humphing about it won't speed it up though, that's for sure.

This week has been a wrangle of office updates. Rog has been battening down every single security hatch he can find.  It won't be long until we need face recognition software just to get into the office.  Your data is safe with us.

I've been working on our payment page.  It now looks much much better and the user experience is cleaner and easier.  Unfortunately though, I have now moved onto incorporating 3D secure.  That's the Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure features. It's so incredibly complicated and convoluted that it's a real struggle to protect the user from issues.  It'll take our very best efforts to prevent confusing users when the inevitable password errors happen.  I think we can do it though.

Mike has moved into overdrive now. We've realised that the quickest and easiest way to ensure everyone understands and wants what we have to offer is to get in front of them and offer it to them. The more feedback we get the better we'll be able to resolve any concerns. Easy hey (glad it's not my job).

Excitement levels:  Waiting waiting waiting.

Office music this week: Gold Panda (due to a gig)

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