Friday 19 November 2010

Week 16: Bunch of bankers

I'm not going to complain about banks. We got confirmation through from them today, so next week should be the second attempt at a triumphant launch. Still, I did get bogged down in the vagaries of writing the new bank payment security protocol called 3D secure this week. You know it. It's the one where you're asked to verify by Visa or Mastercard secure. You get to the site, forget your password, reset your password, scratch your head, then pay anyway. That one. Thankfully though, it looks like we overcame that little hurdle, so all systems ready.

Rog has been valiantly plugging away at the remaining 2-3 million security rules, but thankfully that is now finished. Just a few more documentation issues to go through and I reckon Rog will have PCI DSS completely done and dusted. We are one very secure shop.

Mike has had a bummer of a week. Not to put too much meat on the bones, but just consider a 10 hour round trip drive for a meeting that is cancelled on arrival. Now add to that listening to the horror that is Radio 1 for those 10 hours and I think you can see that we're lucky he came back at all.

We've received some great feedback recently and made a couple of tweaks to the application that provide a huge amount of benefit to the clients. Now we're just hoping that this really is the last week of waiting.

Excitement levels:  Dear Santa, please let us go live next week.

Office music this week: Headphones... Marnie Stern featured heavily.

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