Friday 26 November 2010

Week 17: BOOM!

"I am pleased to advise New MID ####### has been added and is now ready for use on vTID: #######"

These words might not mean much to you, but this Friday morning, those words lifted our spirits and sparked the machine into action. With these words, we knew the banking configuration was complete, and we were ready to roll.

Let me take you back 17 weeks to 1st August 2010. Our goal was to "get a trial product ready for 1st November 2010". Well, we did that and then we did a whole hell of a lot more. With the help of a willing and adventurous early adopter, we went from nothing to a trial system in just nine weeks, and set the new goal of getting our system to make collections online.

Over the last 17 weeks, we've all learnt new skills, quelled the concern that this might not actually work, and stuck together in a single, team-held belief that you can collect debt completely online. It's not just been about software either, we've struggled with banks, scratched our heads over security regulations, learnt lessons about building a team, and tussled with the mountain of administration that stands in front of all new businesses.

Back to today.

With everything primed, everything set, and everything tested we pointed our system at our customers and waited. The time was 13:05. As the minutes passed, we watched customers opening emails, authenticating, considering, but none biting. Then, at exactly 1 hour 36 minutes and 16 seconds later, our first customer completed a card payment. Proof at last, that people are willing to negotiate and settle, outstanding amounts online.  The excitement was fantastic, and it continued, as another three payments came in quick succession.

This is only the start, only hours into our first collections process. The future can only hold more excitement, more success. We want to bottle it.

Next week, we'll take a moment to reflect and thank the people that have made this awesome development possible.

Excitement levels:  OMG!
Office music this week: Muchuu sweetness

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