Wednesday 2 February 2011

Month 6: Belief is Everything

I know I wrote it... but it is lovely
Wow, has it really been over a month since I last updated the blog? Bad Mark. Bad. Still, I'm back again and ready to roll.

A quick catch-up on where we are is in order I think. The application is ace and working excellently. We also deployed our administration application too, and If I say so myself, it looks good. I think obsessing about fadey inny outy was worth the pain. As well as that, the system has been rock solid, and all Roger's special scripts mean that even I (Linux dunce extraordinaire) am able to manage it.

Sales are where the big moves have happened. I can now confess, publically, that I did ask Mike to maybe slow down on the selling. I know, it was a moment of weakness, and it has since been parroted back to me no fewer than a million (1,000,000) times.

The biggest thing we've learnt about start-ups in January is belief. It's so easy to come from an established company, with regular sales, website hits, and income, and get down hearted when it isn't immediately the same in your new company. What we've found is you have to change how you think. You're in it. You know how much you're investing. So get on with it, keep your spirits up and enjoy it. We've been doing that this month, and we've been rewarded by a lot of success. It's still easy to think a lot about cash flow and client wins, but we just have to remember that if we build the best product we can, and listen to our clients then we'll succeed.

Excitement levels:  Bouncy

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