Tuesday 31 May 2011

Month 10: Set stress levels to... err, zero

Roger's amazing console-a-tron

Whooop! We're into double figure months.  Not a huge milestone I'll grant you, however a long road requires many stones (well, Roman roads do at least), and this is another one.

This month we have the admission that... erm, gosh, this is embarrassing: We are not stressing out. [Unnecessary analogy] If stress was a bucket of potatoes, then we would not being eating chips any time soon.

It seems that the software is so reliable, that Rog has so honed our systems, and that our clients are so relaxed with the product, that there's simply no stressing happening at ClearSavvy.com Towers.

On a serious note, for any budding start-ups out there, I think we're a good example of having some big project technology practices during the early creation phase. We've created systems and scripts that allow us to deploy changes reliably, and we've implemented procedures that reduce the chances of live bugs. Of course, you're always reliant on good coding and good testing, but with controlled development cycles and automated deployments, we never create additional problems for ourselves.

In other news, we've finally received our own internet payment bank account. This means that we're able to extend our product to people that want to dip their toe in and try it out. Mike is working on our new trial offering this week.

We were lucky enough to have a visit from the one and only Andy Parker this month. It was great to see him back at the Towers, and to show him some of our new stuff. Also very kind of him not to lambast us for design mistakes, although I did kind of miss the abuse.

Also, we have named our development team "The Crack Eye Tees". Yes, it is not only a hilarious pun, it is true. We haven't come up with a name for Mike yet, but we're working on it.

Excitement levels:  Chillaxed [yes, I did say 'Chillaxed']
Office music this month:  Little Dragon

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